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Mental Health Services

smiling young woman looking down at her smartphone as she searches for mental health servicesThe Healing Collective, PC offers mental health services in Pasadena, California and the surrounding area. Our mental health treatment options are delivered via telehealth (video conferencing) through a secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Our telehealth appointments are available to clients residing anywhere in California.

Unfortunately, due to cross-state licensing restrictions, The Healing Collective, PC cannot offer mental health services to clients residing outside of California. However, we do offer in-person sessions which are designed to work in a hybrid fashion with our virtual mental health treatment options.

If you or a loved one are seeking mental health or wellness services, our experienced staff can help. Call The Healing Collective, PC today at 626.788.6634 to learn more about mental health treatment options.

What To Expect

Your experience with The Healing Collective, PC will begin with an intake call (about 10-15 minutes) with a member of the administrative team. Our intake staff will be your guide to starting treatment with one of our providers. During this call, we will gather your basic information (including your insurance information) and discuss what type of service you need and what brought you to seek assistance. Based on this information, we will attempt to connect you with a provider who will be the best fit for your presenting needs. We believe strongly in the powerful impact of the client-therapist relationship in the healing process and endeavor to make this process of choosing a therapist as convenient and informed as possible. From there, you will be scheduled with a licensed professional therapist for your initial assessment appointment.

Your initial assessment appointment will be 60 minutes, and follow-up sessions will be 50 minutes in length. During the initial assessment, you and your therapist will decide on the frequency of sessions which generally start off as weekly sessions and then taper based on your treatment needs. You and your therapist will work collaboratively on your treatment plan, which will be the blueprint for your treatment progress. During your treatment, your therapist will utilize various outcome measures that will track and monitor your progress, providing important clinical feedback as you work towards your therapy goals.

Professional, Caring Providers

The Healing Collective, PC providers are highly skilled and trained in various treatment modalities and approaches. As part of your treatment plan, your therapist will discuss the therapeutic interventions that will be implemented to assist you in meeting your therapy goals. Therapy goals are generally focused on helping you to feel more empowered, improve symptom management, address trauma, navigate grief/loss, and increase connectedness to yourself and others. Each client receives a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to their individual needs and unique circumstances.

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Types of Mental Health Therapies

At the Healing Collective, PC, we employ a wide array of evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches to deliver personalized treatment that promotes healing. Some of the therapies we use include:

  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Attachment Styles

Most people benefit from a combination of therapeutic modalities delivered in a supportive environment. Your therapist will work collaboratively with you to determine the best approaches to promote healing.

Reach Out to The Healing Collective, PC

Are you or a loved one struggling with anxiety, PTSD, trauma, or other mental health disorders? The Healing Collective, PC can help by offering mental health services in Pasadena, California. Our hybrid service delivery model provides in-person sessions in the Pasadena area and a telehealth option—secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing—for Californians throughout the state.

There is no reason to wait any longer to get the help you need and deserve. Get started today by calling us at 626.788.6634 or contacting us online. Our compassionate, professional staff is waiting to help.