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Anna Marjanian

Anna Marjanian, ACSW

Intern registered with the CA BBS
Supervised by Hermine Kachikyan, LCSW #80563

My path in social work began in childhood in simply wanting to help others. I always felt a calling to make a difference in the lives of others. I believe strongly in forming relationships with others in order to create a meaningful connection that seeks to guide and nurture healing.

I first began my career in working with at-risk youth in the foster care system. I learned that at-risk populations need the most help, but have the hardest time getting it. They need someone who can make their voice heard and someone who can advocate for them in order to effect change. I always had a strong sense and ability to speak up in public on behalf of others and assist them in navigating complex systems.

My background with clients overcoming addiction has completely changed my perspective on how I develop a therapeutic relationship. By forming a relationship built on trust is of utmost importance to me. Providing support, resources, and a judgement-free space, I continuously develop my abilities to connect with clients and provide effective counseling services to support them in overcoming the challenges of eating disorders, substance abuse, and other behavioral issues.

My approach to treatment is to look at the person as a whole. I focus on the core social work principle of a strengths-based approach This helps to maintain a strong sense of self and reach positive long-lasting goals. I love learning new techniques that I can share with clients and help them apply these skills in their lives.