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Meet The Team

close up of two people shaking handsThe behavioral health industry, including mental health treatment, is growing and has expanded steadily over the past several years. More mental health and wellness resources available to more people is a good thing, but there is an important consideration to keep in mind: behavioral health treatment is about more than access; it is about relationships. The Healing Collective, PC team is comprised of caring professionals who excel at building a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and healing.

The Healing Collective, PC employees believe in creating an atmosphere of care and treatment that welcomes and affirms people from diverse backgrounds, families, and communities. The powerful impact of shared experience creates a sense of connectedness central to the healing process. Contact us at 626.788.6634 to learn how we can help you or a loved one.

Our team of practitioners reflects the diversity of those seeking help and are keenly aware of the need to reduce shame and dismantle long-held beliefs about mental health treatment. The Healing Collective, PC staff are passionate about creating an experience of care and treatment that is uplifting, empowering, and meets you where you are.

The Healing Collective, PC Team of Dedicated Professionals

Nancy Uberto


Adriana Bugarin


Danielle Hurwitz


Hermine Khachikyan


Maudi Ivette Mills


Renee Lee


Anna Marjanian


Contact the The Healing Collective, PC Team to Start the Healing Process

If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or another mental health issue, help is available. The Healing Collective, PC offers an array of mental health treatment and wellness services within the community of Pasadena and surrounding areas. Call 626.788.6634 or reach us online to begin the journey of healing and wellness.