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Nancy Uberto

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Nancy Uberto


My journey to becoming a social worker began at a very young age by watching my father wake up at 5 am every morning to leave for work.

As a school social worker in an urban city – a job that he truly loved and dedicated himself to for more than 30 years – my father worked tirelessly to ensure that the children and families he worked with received the services and support they needed to have a positive, safe, and successful educational experience.

As a child, it was clear to me that working with people and helping them was more than just a job; it was a calling. Seeing how much my father loved his work only solidified my desire to become a social worker, and I have never wavered from that decision.

Little did I know that my path to becoming a therapist would be a culmination of many personal and professional experiences over time. My path of healing has looked much like the paths of many individuals who have come seeking help and who have so bravely allowed me to join them in their journey of healing and recovery. Through my own experiences and by working with people from all walks of life, I have come to understand that healing is a deeply profound process that looks and feels different for each person. The invitation to join someone in that journey is at the heart of my work.

As a member of the Healing Collective team in Pasadena, California, my approach to therapy is very much based on the values and principles of the social work profession. I strongly believe in meeting the client where they are and aligning with them as they navigate the healing process. Assessment begins at the first session and continues throughout the treatment process in order to guide and inform treatment planning in collaboration with the client.

In determining treatment goals with the client, I use an eclectic approach to treatment interventions to increase self-awareness, gain new understanding/knowledge, and develop individualized interventions to meet the client’s goals.

I take a strengths-based perspective and look for underlying needs when considering treatment interventions, always encouraging the client’s own self-determination and resiliency. I fundamentally believe that therapy is most beneficial and healing when there is a strong connection with the client and therefore work to build an experience where a person feels heard and understood.

In all I have ever done in my life, both personally and professionally, the single greatest lesson I have learned in helping others is just to be yourself. My personality is very much in alignment with my practice: welcoming and accepting. I have been told many times my voice is calming and my sense of humor brings ease to difficult situations and conversations.

Life is sometimes difficult, and seeking help is one of the most courageous acts one can embark on. It is my intention to put you at ease, provide comfort, and empower you to transform your pain into something meaningful. I welcome you where you are and join you in your healing.