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Dr. Ravi

Dr. Ravi


I am a double board certified psychiatrist in child & adolescent and adult psychiatry. I specialize in young adult mental health(18-29) and offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and treatment with medications and therapy grounded in evidence based medicine. I believe in individualized treatments based on an integrative care approach where we look at all the factors that could be affecting your mental health such as medical, environmental, psychological and emotional factors. I aim to provide care in a collaborative manner with the common goal of improved functioning and better quality of life.

My experience spans 20 years in a variety of settings from outpatient care, inpatient hospital care and teaching & research. I enjoy working with teenagers and young adults and helping them lead their best lives by incorporating coaching methods based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), IPT (interpersonal therapy) and Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and medications as needed.

My approach is based on problem solving through using humor, communication skills and creativity.
My Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Duke University Medical center and as faculty for 15 years involved in research and teaching has grounded me in systematic and logical methods of evaluating and treating patients resulting in superior care.

The Healing Collective is happy to offer a collaboration with Dr. Himabindu Ravi, MD (Healthy Minds Now, PA). Dr. Ravi is a board certified in both Adult Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry specializing in young adult mental health (ages 18 to 29 years old). This collaboration offers a connection to Dr. Ravi, MD, for those seeking psychiatry. The Healing Practice does not have a financial interest in Healthy Minds Now however does provide operational assistance to Dr. Ravi, MD, in the delivery of her services.